A few classics close by…..

Farmlands section, White Salmon River, WA 12/2/06

Lanson, Jason, Brad, Conor, and Jarred on the Farmlands.

Portage at Sidewinder.

Lanson and Conor at Lava Falls.

Lanson running Off Ramp.

The hike out.

Green Truss, White Salmon River, WA 12/3/06

The river right wall at Big Brother Falls

Jason dropping back in.

Portage at BZ.

Little White Salmon River, WA 12/7-9/06

AJ Johnson running S-Turn.

Matt Gaudette dropping into the gorge on the LW.

Looking back up the gorge from the top of Stove Pipe.

Matt running Stove Pipe.

Looking down into Stove Pipe.

The portage at Spirit Falls

Going right at Double Drop on the LW at 3.4 feet is not recommended!

Hamilton Creek, WA 12/17/06

Looking into the lower section.

Keel Brightman on the hike in.

3 miles into the hike.

Check out more photos of the Hamilton Creek trip at Liquidkayak/Hamilton


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