Moss Creek, WA

On March 11, 2007 we were hoping for a new adventure and we got to do a lot of hiking! We ended up at the headwaters of Moss Creek, with about 5 cfs coming out of Shingle Mountain.
We hiked down stream and it grew to about 20 cfs with springs coming out of the ground as we went. The forest grew pretty thick and we decided to get back on the main road and go downstream further then hike back in.

The headwaters of Moss Creek with about 5 cfs.

We hiked back in about a half mile downstream and found about 150 cfs in a lush, green, classic, PNW forest and creek. We were just above a huge calm pool where more and more water came in as we went downstream.

The first piece of whitewater of the day, no go!

The rest of the creek looked like this until the big cascade.

We did find a small gorge with a very large cascade that was choked full of wood. I didn’t get photos of the gorge, but it had about a hundred logs across the creek in a 1/2 mile section of whitewater.

The last drop on Moss creek, still not runnable!

At the take out.

There was about 250cfs coming out of Moss at the confluence with the Little White.
We hiked the entire creek and found more logs than it was worth and the whitewater just wasn’t there. Maybe next time…

This creek seems to be a little less than a quarter of the flow to the Little White Salmon. It was at 4.3 feet today.


3 thoughts on “Moss Creek, WA”

  1. Did yous guys collect a rare blumpie fish out der? Next time run dat shit at 4.3 and it will be bedder dan Moss Creek, nextime.

  2. you got that right, much better than Moss!thanks Pete, I was wondering about that. the biggest rapid we saw had water pipes, along with the placed logs, running through the whole thing. man made.

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