North Fork of Green Point Creek, OR

Very steep and small brushy creek high in the hills in the West Fork of the Hood drainage.
Class: IV+ – V
Miles: 1.5 miles on N.F. & 1.5 on Greenpoint.
Portages: Maybe the whole run.
Shuttle: Takes about 45min. from the take-out.
Put-In: We hiked into the North Fork on creek left angling upstream to the water.
Take-Out: Bridge over Greenpoint Creek.

-June, 2008

As expected with a creek which is just large enough to run in a kayak, the winter storm covered the creek with new wood and debris. Much of the run that Keel and I did last year (read below for that story) was a portage fest and much more work than boating. I believe Keel ran two rapids and I ran one. Too steep with too much water and too much wood in the way.

-April, 2007

Looking into the N.F. with the confluence of Green Point Creek.
Photo Keel Brightman

This year I’ve been checking quite a few runs off my list and this one just feel out of no where. With that much gradient and getting a visual of the last 3 rapids, this one had to get checked out! We couldn’t get anywhere close to the creek, 300 feet across or 800 feet up, when Jason Schroeder and I scouted it so the decision was made to take boats and avoid hiking out no matter what we came to. Keel Brightman and I jumped a little early on this one, but now we know. It turned out to be a great exploratory run with very impressive gradient lose over many fun boulder gardens and a few ledges with only two portages (beleive it or not) on the N.F. The creek stayed very clean for the nature of the surrounding area. The put-in was a 900ft. descent down to water level from the trail above. Finding a good option for a put in was tough and I’m not sure if I can drop in on the same place on the creek again, but a little further upstream, 1/2 mile, holds a little more whitewater.

Keel searching for the game trails that lead us around the cliff bands on the hike in.
Our take out was 1/2 mile downstream of the big clear cut you see in this photo.

Looking downstream from our put-in.

The creek started dropping out from under us and we had just enough water to keep us going downstream and just enough exposed rocks to stop wherever we needed to. At twice the flow this run will be non stop action! We didn’t see any flat water sections until after the confluence with Green Point Creek.

One of the two portages on the Noth Fork.

more clean, with water, rapids.

Just before this portage the creek pinched down and turned right with a man-made water intake on the left.
If you could locate this raod that comes down to the creek, this maybe a great take out (after you run the last series of drops) for this section and by pass the other portages on Green Point Creek.

We portaged a couple logs and Keel dropped in above this series of drops that ran under a foot bridge just before the confluence with Green Point Creek.

Keel checking the landing on the final drop.

The gradient came to a mild pace once we dropped into Green Point Creek. We found a few fun rapids likes these.

And a few more portages around logs like these.

Looking downstream from the take out bridge on Green Point Creek.

Other whitewater nearby North Fork of Green Point Creek

Salmon River Gorge

Eagle Creek


2 thoughts on “North Fork of Green Point Creek, OR”

  1. looks like a fun time, sorry forgot to introduce myself at the clack the other day its matty, hope to see you at the lvm 22 thursday in pdx

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