Miracle Mile Race 4/28/07

un-official North Fork of the Middle Fork of the Willamette River, Miracle Mile Race. One mile long, non stop, Head to Head, four person start. 8 racers (Justin Wiley, Pete, Drew, John Givot, Chase, Quinn, Andy Maser, Lane Jacobs) broke up into two groups and raced the mile, twice.

Lane Jacobs, first group, round one.

Andy Maser charging through the top section in round one.

Pete, second group, round one.

Justin Wiley in the top section.

John Givot, second group, round one.

Two paddlers were out after the first round and it left Andy racing Lane for the top spot and the final four started shortly after.

Lane and Andy racing through the mile on round two.

Second group, round two.

Drew, Quinn, Pete, Justin. (in race order)

Lane took the winning spot followed by Andy then Pete.

Everyone had a great time, thanks to Lane and Andy for getting everyone together for this race!
The level was just under 1′ on the take out bridge.


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