Little N.F. Clearwater, Idaho

30 mile section of the Little North Fork of the Clearwater River, Idaho over 3 days with Brian Vogt, Steve Pugh, James Black, and Andy Bright.

Spokane Washington, Riverfront Park

Spokane Falls



On the way to the put-in

Last town before the river. Avery, Idaho

Almost there

At the put-in bridge
Thanks to Jim for running the top shuttle for us!

A lot of the top stuff looked like this…

Steve Pugh, James Black, and Andy Bright on the upper section

Steve Pugh andBrian Vogt working through one of many portages on the upper section

Northern Idaho wilderness

Andy Bright and Brian Vogt @ 12 miles in at the first camp

Camp one, just above Canyon Creek

Most of day one was low water, open class II with a lot of portages over/around big logs. Toward the end of the day we had more tributaries pour in, adding flow for day two.

For more on this trip check out Brian Vogt’s site,





Steve Pugh, Andy Bright, and James Black leaving camp one on day two

The river changed up a little on day two. We had a little more flow and more class III rapids with nice, deep pools below them, perfect for fishing

Steve Pugh taking a break from boating

James Black in a great spot

James with a nice trout

After another log portage we got out and saw this

Brian Vogt at the bottom of another fun class III rapid on day two


Andy Bright and Brian Vogt relaxing a few miles upstream of camp two

Brian and I kept paddling downstream to Slide Lake while the others took their time to hang out and fish. We got to the lake faster than we thought it would take so we paddled down to get a look at Body Bag Rapid, the long series of whitewater that pours out of Slide Lake. I thought it looked really good so we went back up to camp to un-load the boats and rest. After a few hours I went back down and ran the rapid, twice, before getting a great nights sleep on the island.

Camp two on the island at Slide Lake

Day two was very relaxing with a lot of great wildlife sightings.




Day three started out at a good pace and we paddled 300 feet across the lake to the top of Body Bag Rapid. At one point James said, “From what I saw from the air it’s all white from here to the take out”.

Looking down on Slide Lake (our camp on night 2) and Body Bag Rapid
Photo by James Black

BB, top section…

bottom section…

In the middle of Body Bag Rapid
Photo by Brian Vogt

Brian Vogt and Andy Bright about a mile below BB


Brian on the lower section

James Black taking a break from the action on day three

I didn’t take many on the river shots this day. We had a lot of fun read and run whitewater all the way to the take out.

The take-out @ 11am on day three

Looking back up the Little N.F. canyon on the drive out

After an hour of driving out of the canyon we made it to Clarkia

None of this could have been possible without the hard work by James Black for scouting and setting up the put-in shuttle, and Steve Pugh & Andy Bright for running the take-out shuttle the day before we put on. HUGE Thanks to these guys! I couldn’t imagine trying this in the time frame we had without their help.

*And thanks to Jim for taking the truck back from the put-in.


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