Hagen Creek Gorge, WA

– Jan. 12, 2014

It’s been a couple years since I have been to Hagen and I almost got lost on the right road. Where there used to be a tree covered hill or I should say hills, it’s now clear cut and bare. And now the old hike in is getting overgrown and tough to find unless you know what to look for. Once we were on the creek Luke Spencer, John Boone and I were rewarded with a great flow.

Here are a couple shots from our trip;

New scenery on the N.F. Washougal River
New scenery on the N.F. Washougal River

and more.
and more.
Weaving through the trees hiking into the original put-in (above the log dam)
Weaving through the trees hiking into the original put-in (above the log dam)
Euphoria at a fast and fluffy flow.
Euphoria at a fast and fluffy flow.
It's nice to know your friends are close...
It’s nice to know your friends are close…
Teakettle Falls from the top.
Teakettle Falls from the top.

Luke Spencer running Teakettle Falls.
Luke Spencer running Teakettle Falls.

Washougal gauge on the day we ran Hagen
Washougal gauge on the day we ran Hagen

– November, 2010

Early season with water on the rise has proven to be the best way to see Hagen Gorge with water. The high water helped out Hagen Creek tremendously. Teakettle and Double Falls were a little on the pushy side..

The hike in is starting to fill in..

The crew below Hagen Daze

Kira Watts & Tom Marley on Teakettle Falls

Boofing through the bottom drop of Double Falls

– December, 2007

Last week I convinced a few paddlers that Hagen gorge would be good, possibly even high water! I have tried to get on Hagen at higher flows a # of times, but it always seems to be the same flow in there. I think the peak flash flood day is the only way to see this run at high flows. After this run I have come to one conclusion…the water level on Hagen can never be too high!
*All photos by Keel Brightman Photography

The first waterfall…Hagen Daaz
Austin Rathmann dropping into Euphoria

A rare dry boof off of Teakettle Falls

Austin givin it at Double Falls

Jarred Jackman second drop in Double Falls

The take-out

Directions: You can find directions for this creek and many other exploratory runs in the Pacific Northwest at OregonKayaking.net

Flows: No lower than 7,000 on the Washougal River, however this drainage seems to act on its own, and is only at a med/high level at peak rain and a high freezing level.

Photos by Keel Brightman Photography

– January, 2007

+ paddlers put on Hagen Gorge today. Here are a few shots. Most of these photos came from the N.F. of the Washougal. It was one of those days where if you ‘know’ the run, you just stay in your boat. There are limited eddys above most of the drops on Hagen and with this many paddlers coming down stream it was best to stay out of the way as much as possible.

The log jam above the gorge.

Keel Brightman on Teakettle Falls, N.F.

The crew waiting on the outcome of another run through Teakettle.

Here’s a sequence of Keel running the Double Falls on the N.F.

James Bagley Jr. running the bottom drop on Double Falls, N.F.

Jon Fowlkes on the Double Falls, N.F.

Rob on the Double Falls, N.F.

This gorge was first run by Jason Rackley, James Bagley Jr., Mike Long, Pete Giordano, and Jon Fowlkes on one of their epic weekends were they explored the tributaries in the Washougal drainage. They called it their 4 in 3 weekend, running 4 unknown tributaries in just 3 days. With Hagen being the best bang for your buck and being that close to Portland it was certain to become a favorite for the local paddlers. Everyone left Hagen this day with big smiles on their face!

– December, 2006

Here are a few shots from Hagen Gorge. A run that has quickly become one of my favorites. It starts with a 1/4 mile hike in. Not far around the corner from the put in is a BIG log jam that protects the gorge from random logs being flushed down into it. It has a few great read and run ledge drops and two major rapids. The first is Hagen Daaz Falls, a clean 20 foot cascading waterfall. The second is Euphoria Falls, a two tier cascading waterfall that drops about 40 feet total. After Euphoria we dropped into the N.F. of the Washougal and had Teakettle and Double Falls. Great day in the rain! The flow was the highest I’ve seen it. It’s hard to gage the level on this one since the Washougal gage stopped working. The E.F. Lewis gage was at 1,950cfs today, but I’ve run Hagen when the E.F. gage read higher and we had less water in Hagen. Hagen can also hold allot of water and still be manageable, but Euphoria is in a blind corner. Watch for horizon lines in there. For logistics on this creek check out Oregonkayaking.net

Looking up into Upper Hagen Creek.

Jason Schroeder and Heather Herbeck on the log jam portage.

Jason crawling through the logs under the log jam.

Jason below Hagen Daaz Falls.

Heather running the top drop on Euphoria Falls.

Jason on Teakettle Falls, N.F.

Jason on the Double Falls, N.F.

Heather on the seal launch around Double Falls.


One thought on “Hagen Creek Gorge, WA”

  1. I tried several times to run Hagen at high water, but was always denied the joy due to snow levels, changing forecasts, and mysterious drainage flows. I still would love to get in there during a peak rainstorm. I to agree that it cannot be too high, although watch out for Teakettle…

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