A brief look at the Little White Race 2008

The Little White Race 2008 was a tough 2 days of racing! Saturday was the down river race from the top of Gettin Busy to the pool below Wishbone Falls. Sunday was the Giant Slalom at Boulder Sluice Rapid. 7 Gates set up by John Grace, Austin Rathmann, and Erik Boomer made up a very tricky section! Two runs totaled together, and combined with the previous days time made up the overall score. Here are a few shots from the weekend courtesy of Keel Brightman Photography.

Geoff Calhoun leaving the starting line, more than 15 minutes of racing from here to the end!

Jono Ramsey making the move at gate # 4

Todd Anderson making his way through the last few gates

Todd taking a post race free fall while Geoff watches from below

Nick Urquhart on Spirit Falls

Joe Stumpfel airing it out, C-1 style!

Check out LVM Video for results, more on the Little White Race 2008, and more of the Giant Slalom Races.


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