Metlako Falls – higher than usual..

It’s truly entertaining when we are out doing what we do and we wonder into the Columbia River Gorge’s most frequented trail by hikers , not paddlers. Some people eagerly want to know more about why you are carrying the heavy/awkward kayaks up into a steep canyon laced with large waterfalls, while others turn to walk away quickly as if to ‘get out before I have to answer to the local news about what you were doing in here!’

Regardless, Eagle creek delivers something big every time you go in. Wether it’s just scenery, canyoneering, inner tubing, or kayaking..

Tyler Bradt & Ian Garcia standing above Metlako Fallsscout-copy

Ian Garciarolling in – Metlako Fallsmetlakoiangblackwhite-copy

Tyler & Ian made this beast look easy, well done boys!

They, along with Erik Boomer, came away with some great media, I’m sure you’ll see it soon.


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