Lower Bridal Veil Falls, Oregon

Lower Bridal Veil is a breathtaking two teired waterfall just off the Historic Highway in the Columbia River Gorge. You can access it from I84 off Exit 28 (eastbound only) then take a right back toward the parking area, a 1/2 mile long trail leads down to the observation deck for the view of the falls.


Brett Barton captures the beauty of Bridal Veil Falls

Lower Bridal Veil has seen it’s fair share of kayakers in the last ten years…

It’s also another classic park and huck waterfall for kayakers in the area since it was first run in 2001.

Cody Howard running the lower tier of Lower Bridal Veil Falls
Chris Korbulic running the lower tier of Lower Bridal Veil Falls

This creek has some interesting history due to the logging mill operation throughout the creek. Here are a few photos I found of the alterations of the Lower Falls during the early 1900’s.


PC_bridal_veil_falls_ca1910_bwBridal Veil Falls, Columbia River Gorge, Oregon


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