White Salmon River, WA – Green Truss

What happens when you get Hans Hoomans and Erik Boomer together in one raft on the White Salmon River at med-high flow? Check out the video..

The Green Truss section of the White Salmon River is a classic representation of kayaking in the Columbia River Gorge. Dark, deep basalt walls, bright green moss and a healthy mix of challenging class IV-V rapids and waterfalls.

Access – THIS IS IMPORTANT – At the Put-in, There are 3-4 parking spots behind the mail box on the left side as you pull in, if there is no more room to park here, please drive up (north) just a couple hundred feet to Carr Rd. on the left, and park on the side then hike back to put on the river. The land owner of the put-in area has spoken with a few paddlers recently about parking in other places. He is a very nice guy and has been very generous through the years allowing paddlers to access the river here please respect that. The area behind the mail box is open to parking, otherwise park up on Carr Rd. Please.


Wood always lurks in the PNW. Watch out for new logs.
Some days the hike down to the put-in is the scariest part.

The Green Truss is a classic section of whitewater guaranteed to keep your attention. Class III and IV rapids lead down to Meatball, Bob’s Falls (very retentive at higher flows), and Big Brother Falls. Big brother has a dangerous cave on the right wall in the landing of the falls making it more challenging to stick the line and set safety for your friends. There are a few bolts in the wall just above the cave to aid in a bad swim, but at higher flows make sure you have a good friend with a rope close by. Just below Big Brother is Little Brother.

Looking into Big Brother Falls during a winter freeze.
Jason Schroeder – Big Brother

Ryan Scott - Big Brother
Ryan Scott – Big Brother
Heather Herbeck – Little Brother
Arron Goodwin – Freestyle

Not far downstream is Double Drop. Sometimes as smooth as butter and other times as rough as sandpaper.

Bryan Youngs – Double Drop
Jason Schroeder – Winter run
Billy Jones – Lower Zig-Zag – 2004
Nate Herbeck – Lower Zig-Zag, Inspecting the damage – 2009
Andy Maser – BZ Falls


For directions, flows, and other info on the White Salmon River get a copy of the Guide to the Whitewater Rivers of Washington

For commercial rafting sections and booking your next rafting trip check out River Drifters

Head-cam view of the steepest section of the Truss, Bob’s Falls – Double Drop


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