The Skate Park / Summit Creek, WA

A very small and unassuming tributary of the Klickitat River. Dry basalt bedrock creek with steep and abrupt losses of gradient.
Class: V – V+
Miles: 3
Portages: 3-5
Shuttle: Be discreet.
Take-Out: Just upstream of the confluence with the Kilickitat River. Very small creek, yep that’s Summit.

First off, I have to say this creek is in a risky place. It runs out of the southwest side of the Yakima Indian Reservation leaving only the bottom two miles outside the boundary line and being that close to the line can cause some friction. There is a stiff fine without a permit and it just so happens that there are no permits issued for that corner of the reservation due to timber conservation. You’ve been warned, BE safe.


As far as the creek.. The Skate Park is a good place to huck yourself off large to very large rugged bedrock slides and falls (watch the video..).

George White & Hans Hoomans at the put-in slide

George & Hans - Manage' Twa

At the top of the Skate Ramp

Ben Stookesberry - First Descent of the Skate Ramp..

Cody Howard - The Well

The legend of the Skate Park – Over the course of 4 days in early 2010 three missions and a handful of elite paddlers around the northwest ran everything Summit had to offer, stepping the bar higher and higher each run. The name The Skate Park came from the big falls in the lower canyon the resembles a quarter pipe and launches paddlers out and downstream at high speeds.

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