Stebbins Creek Update

Winter paddling requires an early start, which is something that hasn’t happened on the last couple missions, but it has worked itself out.. We ended up putting on the water at 1:45pm and raced down the creek making it out at 4:05pm.

There were lots of new wood in the In-between rapids, some we had to portage, some we could paddle by. There was a new tree down in the first ledge drop, but it was just to the left of the main drop. Lethal Injection, although free of one piece of wood was still a portage at this flow due to the log on the left. The new log at the top of Tsunami Falls was still in place and covered with enough water to paddle over it. Zoom Tube had new logs in bad places and there were a couple more logs in the run out just below Bongo Fury that required a portage.

Here is Dan Laham fighting through Tsunami at high water


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