Un-official Truss Raft Race 2011

With a thin blanket of snow on the ground, sun in the sky, and more paddlers than you could possibly push down the put in trail, the Green Truss Raft Race on March 5, 2011 was nothing but fun! The race course started just below the put-in bridge at the first rapid and ended in the eddy above big brother falls. The water level read @ 3.3ft. on the Husum gauge with a healthy flow in the Truss.

Team Bigfoot consisting of Orion Meredith, Matt Hogge and Jed Hawkes had the fastest time. JP and Rick James had the fastest R-2 time.
Winner of the Big Bro Huck went to team Chafe made up of Mike Arnold and Quin Slocumb! Not only did they do a great job entertaining us Saturday, but they went back Sunday and stomped their line with a fully rigged boat (including a cooler).

Todd Wells & Dan Laham at Big Brother Falls

Team Bigfoot

Kira Watts, Tom Marley, & Hans Hoomans above Lil Brother

All photos by Keel Brightman


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