Lower Oneonta Creek Gorge, OR


3/4 mile hike into Oneonta Gorge to Lower Oneonta Falls

Locked away in a narrow slot canyon Oneonta Creek is a beautiful escape from the outside world. The lower falls can only be access by parking at the parking area and hiking up the creek through the canyon. Wear clothes that you can get wet and go in the summer when flows are low and temperatures are warm. You will have to wade through neck deep water just before you get to the hidden lower falls or try to scale the slippery wall beside the pool.

Oneonta Gorge has been described as “one of the true dramatic chasms in the state.”

Hiking up Lower Oneonta Gorge
Hiking up Lower Oneonta Gorge


Lower Oneonta Falls
Lower Oneonta Falls


For a breathtaking retreat from civilization this gorge is one of a kind. Best during summer months since you have to walk through the water, but you can access it anytime of the year. It does require some log hoping and walking up a slick creek bed. Weekends can get crowded as it is one of the more popular hikes in the Columbia Gorge. Oneonta is located east of Multnomah Falls and just west of Horsetail Falls on the historic Columbia Gorge highway.

photos by: Brett Barton

Other Hikes nearby Oneonta Gorge

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Munra Point

Wahclella Falls / Tanner Creek


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