Middle Bridal Veil Falls – Cable Choke Falls_Low water

On February 8th, Scott Baker and I went to check out Cable Choke Falls. This was my 5th time at this falls. I have enjoyed checking out some of the history from this creek. During the late 1800’s and early 1900’s there was a large scale logging operation that spanned the length of this gorge covering the falls with a log flume. A lot of the remnants of the flume can still be seen, including the cable in and across this falls. I had run it once before at higher water and I really wanted to run it again this season. After scouting the approach of the falls I was a little indecisive until Baker said he wanted to run it. Sometimes it’s a big relief when your are not the only one dropping off the lip. After a full scout of the lead-in it appeared to be a completely different falls this time. The lead in was bumpy and hard to control with the off angles on the rocky approach, but we made the best with what we had.

Scouting the lead-in
Scouting the lead-in
Scott Baker at the lip
Scott Baker at the lip
past the entry, past the reconnect, landing in sight
past the entry, past the reconnect, landing in sight

Final analysis; It goes with hard hits and It’s much better with more water!

Check out the flow difference in this post from last season – Middle Bridal Veil Falls -Cable Choke – 2014 (Higher water)

Flows for this day are marked on the image below based on the Sandy River water flow

Other whitewater nearby Middle Bridal Veil Falls

Lower Bridal Veil Falls

Eagle Creek

Herman Creek

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