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  1. Hi there,

    I’m from Uk & paddled the Carbon Canyon in Washington State (Its at back of Mt Rainier). Now living in Alberta. Just wondered if its often run & where I can see any vids & pic as a reminder. Didn’t take much myself, as we were too scared at the time. Pretty commiting run. Gr8 site by the way.

  2. The “nuclear” flume north of Pasco on the Columbia River brought back a lot of memories. I graduated from kennewick High School in 1964 and along with many classmates from Kennewick and Pasco, used to “ski” down this flume. I sent the URL for the “nuclear flume to my KHS classmates and received a lot of replies on what great memories we had of “skiing” the flume.

    One time, in late July or so of ’63, a KHS classmate, Terry Herron, and I were on our way to buck bales for this guy who had a farm north of the flume and Terry had never gone off the flume.

    I told Terry how cool it would be to ski off the flume, so we stopped there as I tried to get him to go off with me. He was, however, understandably, skeptical, and wanted to see me do it. So, I walked up to the top in my socks (traction on the moss-covered bottom) , took them off and put them on my hands (barefeet would glide over the moss and socks on the hands could be used for control if one sat down) and did a lot of ‘cool ski moves’ on the way down to impress Terry as he watched off the bridge.

    However, when I hit the backwash at the lip I had not counted on the sand buildup during the night (We were there about 6.00 AM) and when I hit it, I went right down, stopped dead cold. From the neck up I was over the lip looking 30 feet straight donw into the lagoon. When the next small ‘wave’ came through about 20 seconds later, it swept me over. It was not the cool leap I envisioned showing off to Terry.

    When I climbed out of the water, Terry was already back in the car ready to go buck bales. He never said a word and neither did I as we drove on. We did not stop at the flume the next three days when we went out to finish our haying work and to my knowledge, Terry never went off the flume

    Dave Swanson, KHS 1964

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