#7 DVD

Contents Include:

*CRG Summer Update 2008 * Middle Feather, CA * Cali Summer by Chris Korbulic * Middle Kings, CA * Succor Creek, OR * LNF Clearwater, ID * L-Dub In Depth Summer 1993 & 2008 * missed lines * and much more..


Want to watch NWVS #7 right now? Click Here!

Check out the Trailer below.

Music – I have had the pleasure of working with quite a few great local musicians over the past year, here are a few that will be featured in Northwest Video Scrapbook #7

I-MC – Bay Area, CA – www.inevitablemc.com


Quandry – Salem/Portland OR – www.quandryband.com

Everyday Prophets – Portland, OR – www.everydayprophets.com

The Crafty Bastards – Bellingham, WA

Richard Tillinghast , White Salmon, WA – www.richardtillinghast.com

– Premiere News –

November 1st, 2008 – World Premiere

First and foremost, Thank You to Everybody’s Brewing in White Salmon, WA for helping out with everything and hosting to a very large crowd! The crowd was awesome with a huge mix of positive friends and fellow paddlers. Thanks to everyone who came out despite the dreary weather.



On November 18th Idaho River Sports hosted Northwest Video Scrapbook #7 at the Sun Ray Cafe in Boise, ID. Thanks to Thule, NRS, Salamander Paddle Gear, Level Six, Ruff Wear, New River Gear, Crumpler, EveryWear, IRS, & B-Real for helping out with the raffle and helping to make an awesome show.




Thanks to Geoff Frank & Alder Creek Bend for all the help hosting the Northwest Video Scrapbook #7 premiere in Bend, OR on November 20th.

The Northwest Video Scrapbook #7 premieres have come to an end. Thank You toHopworks Urban Brewery in Portland for hosting the final event as well as Luke SpencerNext Adventure, & eNRG Kayaking for the support. It was great to see everyone there!

Check out the Northwest Video Scrapbook #7 Premiere at Hopworks Urban Brewery CLICK HERE










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