Rivers & Creeks



N.F. Greenpoint Creek -Columbia Gorge -W.F. Hood Tributary
Herman Creek -Columbia Gorge
Eagle Creek -Columbia Gorge
Munra Point -Columbia Gorge— (NEW UPDATE)
Lower Oneonta Creek Gorge -Columbia Gorge
Multnomah Creek -Columbia Gorge
Lower Bridal Veil Falls -Columbia Gorge
Middle Bridal Veil Falls (Cable Choke) (Higher flows) -Columbia Gorge
Middle Bridal Veil Falls (Cable Choke) (Low water) -Columbia Gorge — (NEW UPDATE)
Deschutes River (Benham Falls – Lake Billy Chinook) – Columbia River Tributary
Salmon River Gorge – Sandy River Tributary
S.F. Clackamas River
N.F. Clackamas River
Oswego Creek – Willamette River Tributary
Succor Creek – Snake River Tributary
NFMF Willamette River Race 2007 Miracle Mile
Lostine River – Wallowa Mountains


Hagen Creek -Columbia Gorge -N.F. Washougal Tributary
Lacamas Creek -Columbia Gorge -Camas
Stebbins Creek – -Columbia Gorge -Washougal Tributary
Hamilton Creek – Columbia Gorge
Rock Creek – Money Drop -Columbia Gorge
Rock Creek – PCT Bridge to Classic put-in -Columbia Gorge (The random run)
Rock Creek – Headwaters -Columbia Gorge (Top of the Rock)
Souther Creek/Sweeney Falls -Columbia Gorge
Wind River (Upper) – Columbia Gorge
Little White Salmon River (Lower) -Columbia Gorge
Little White GS Race 2008 Hosted by LVM
Little White Salmon Race 2011 & 2012 Video Update
Little White History -Columbia Gorge
Moss Creek –Columbia Gorge -Little White Tributary
White Salmon River -Columbia Gorge
Condit Dam – White Salmon River
Major Creek -Columbia Gorge
Outlet Falls -Columbia Gorge -Klickitat Tributary
Summit Creek -Columbia Gorge -Klickitat Tributary
Sullivan Creek -Pend Oreille Tributary
Hoffstadt Creek -N.F. Toutle River Tributary
Siouxon Creek
Canyon Creek Race 2008 NW Creekin Competition
Ohanapecosh River
Muddy Fork of the Cispus River
Cispus River (Super Slides) -Cowlitz River Tributary
Tshletshy Creek -Queets River Tributary
The Nuclear Flume -Pasco, WA -Potholes Canal


Middle Fork Kings River
Middle Fork Feather River (Devil’s Canyon)
Cali Road Trip 2009


Jarbidge Bruneau Rivers
Little North Fork Clearwater

British Columbia

Gordon River Vancouver Island
Stikine River Rejection

Other Trips

The Columbia River
Coast to Coast Road Trip 2010







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